How To Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

When I was first working on the concept for Anemone I designed a survey for engaged or newly married couples, with a focus on the wedding planning experience. My aim was to see if there were any key commonalities and use this feedback to ensure I would offer the kind of wedding services that would be the most relevant and helpful.

The response I got was amazing! The survey was anonymous and it was really interesting to read people’s open and honest assessments of their wedding planning experience. Not including the person with the million pound budget and comedy answers, although you did give me some laughs.

One of the topics that was constantly coming up was wedding planning stress; listed by some as the thing they wished they could have changed about their wedding, and by others as the thing they were most concerned about during the planning process and on the day.   

As a wedding planner and a bride to be myself I know how easy it is to let the stress monster take over. So for this month’s blog post, I thought I’d share my tips on how to make wedding planning less stressful:

Have a Positive Mindset

I know this sounds like an obvious one but I’ve seen even the most cool and collected people quickly unravel during the planning of their wedding. I totally get it, this is probably the biggest and most expensive party of your life and it’s easy to feel the pressure. Whilst there will, of course, be external factors out of your control, the one thing you can be in control of is your attitude and behaviour. Try to start planning sessions with a positive and open mindset, remain calm if issues arise and try not to emotionally react to any family dramas, you’ll only get sucked in. If you are having a bad day, bad week or work has you stressed and tired step away from the wedding planning and come back to it when you are in a better place.

Pace Yourself

Most commonly couples will plan their wedding 1-2 years in advance, allowing time to research, plan and bring together all the elements that will make up their perfect day. If this applies to you my advice would be to take your wedding to-do list and break it down into manageable chunks. Put the high priority important tasks such as deciding on a budget and guest list, and booking a wedding venue first and set timeframes for each task. Work through these methodically and don’t only focus on the elements you are most interested in if timing wise they aren’t important.

If you are planning a wedding in 6 months or less you can still work on this premise you just need to batch tasks together and be quicker at making decisions.

Be Realistic

I know you may have a vision of exactly how you want your wedding to be. If you that’s great, this will help you get started on the initial design and plan for your wedding. Where this may be counterproductive to your wedding planning enjoyment is in a situation where your vision does not reflect the budget you have. If your dream wedding would in reality cost closer to 50k than your budget of 25k then you need to accept it’s not going to be exactly how you imagined. When you set realistic expectations for your wedding you’ll enjoy wedding planning so much more and avoid the inevitable heartache. The more budget-friendly version of your dream wedding doesn’t have to be any less special or any less you, you just might have to be more creative.  

Dedicate Time

There is no avoiding it, planning a wedding takes time and as you get closer to the day it will take over your life to some degree. Make it easier on yourself and commit to dedicating some of your time to wedding planning. Yes, that might mean one less dinner out a week or a few hours less in the gym, but it’s not forever. If it’s easier then allocate set times to wedding planning and admin, such as Monday evening with a glass of wine or Sunday afternoons after a lazy morning.  It will be worth it in the long run when you look back at your wedding and realised you enjoyed the whole experience.

And if you simply don’t have the time or having a long to-do list is like having an axe over your head, then help yourself and book my full planning service and I’ll help take the stress away!

Photo credit - Rachel Moenning